sabato 25 gennaio 2014

Win Toolkit v1.4.30,(2014),+Guida Italiano

Tool per creare la propria copia di Seven/ Winn 8/8.1,personalizzata
Permette praticamente di fare tutto e non si installa.
Contiene guida in Italiano,tradotta da ptrc_000..
*Gli utenti di Windows XP e Vista : È necessario utilizzare il programma di installazione in modo DISM per Win Toolkit per lavorare sul vostro Sistema Operativo!

 by:  Legolash2o

What's New in Version v1.4.30 (See full changelog)
    *^External links now have shortcut arrow
    *^You can now specify a DISM location
    *^Better DISM detection.
    *^FIX: KB971088 did not integrate as cab.
    *^AIO Preset name now shows character limit
    *^FIX: Updates disappearing when add Updates + Subfolder (same folder)
    *^NEW: Main window redesigned
    *^FIX: Imporing registry permissions
    *^FIX: Fixed detecting largest drive on startup
    *^FIX: Component Remover now recognizes more packages
    *^FIX: Component Remover wont list multiple language packs
    *^FIX: RunOnce won't crash during installations (hopefully)
    *^FIX: Fixed outdated support links
    *^FIX: Fixed monitor not turning off (sleep)
    *^FIX: Fixed Update Installer BF/LDR mode.
    *^CAB support RunOnce
    *^New preset naming
    *^FIX: Crash on sorting items
    *^FIX: Integration status was swapped during item moving
    *^FIX: Mount folder was removed even though 'Keep' was selected
    *^FIX: Offline updates had wrong name
    *^FIX: RunOnce showed security warning
    *^FIX: RunOnce hanged when no installs
    *^FIX: RunOnce used wrong version string
    *^FIX: Moving updates to IE group did not work
    *^FIX: Better MSU > CAB extraction detection
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